A pixel-perfect, full-screen layout for all game, media and graphics communities.

Dark variants

Light in the night

Hector BP comes in four theme variants , for which every element, asset, icon and text style is updated.

Choose Hector BP Dark to highlight colorful backgrounds—ideal for cinema, gaming or art communities.

Light variants

In black and blur

Choose one of the light variants for a more editorial look.

Then, fine tune each element to your own style with the smart find-and-replace color system integrated in the stylesheet.


⌘C, ⌘V, drag, drop.

Hector Big Picture is easy to install, even with zero CSS skill. Copy and paste the minified stylesheet, upload the default asset pack, and you're ready to go!

Ready-to-use, HiDPi high quality assets

Or sit back, open your favorite IDE and customize it to the last pixel with uncrompressed, precisely annotated CSS and fully editable source files for Sketch.

Fully annotated, easily editable CSS stylesheet

Powering top communities